Why is washout prevention important?

The reason your gutters are installed around your home is to prevent rain water from pouring off the roof and damaging the foundation of your home. Having a professional rain gutter installation on your home to catch the water and debris is a great solution to prevent this type of damage. After the water is collected in the gutters, it flows into the downspout which lets the water flow out to the ground. A house that doesn’t have a properly installed washout prevention system can risk having the following types of damage:

Gutters Can Protect Against Home Erosion

Soil & Foundation Erosion

Soil erosion is caused by the water flowing from a downspout drain in a concentrated area. When the water is directed towards the ground at a high rate of speed and doesn’t have a hard surface such as a concrete driveway to flow onto, the water will cause the dirt in your yard to erode away. It can also cause your foundation to erode over time, which is never a good thing.


The reason your yard becomes oversaturated is because the water that comes from your gutters will collect in one small area and is unable to run off naturally. This can cause the grass to become moldy and muddy. Not only does it cause damage to plants and vegetation, it can soften the soil enough to sink into the ground if you drive a vehicle over it or walk through it.

Washout Prevention Solutions

There are many different types of damage that occur when a house does not have washout prevention. The concentrated water coming from the downspout needs to be properly and safely directed away from your home. Here are some solutions to help you solve this problem:

Installing Additional Downspouts

If your house is having drainage problems then you should consider adding more downspouts to your home.Getting additional downspouts installed on your home is a great solution to help with washout prevention. Having more downspouts will distribute the water more evenly throughout your property and reduce chances of water oversaturation.

Upgrading to a Larger Gutter System

The standard size for gutters on a residential home are 5 inches. If you are looking to upgrade to larger gutters, you would essentially be getting an entirely new gutter system. Usually the six inch gutters are only a dollar or two more per foot so a lot of homeowners choose larger gutters when installing because of the low cost difference. 5 inch gutters can only handle about one gallon of water per square foot whereas 6 inch gutters can hold an additional gallon and a half per square foot. This provides better value because it more than doubles the water capacity of your gutters system for just a few hundred dollars more.

Installing an Underground Drainage System

Getting an underground drainage system installed on your home is the best solution for washout prevention. The water that comes from your gutter system will now go to a solid underground drainpipe and away from your home. Depending on what you are digging through it can vary in cost for the installation. Keep in mind when installing an underground drainage system you might need to install near sprinkler systems, sewer drains, and water lines.

Extending Your Downspouts

If you are looking for a more affordable option for washout prevention on your home then consider getting a downspout extender. Even though these tend to be less effective then the other options, they can be an easy fix to prevent flooding in crawl spaces and basements. Downspout extenders are usually just a singular elbow that connects to the bottom of the downspout and extends your gutters to a suitable distance away from the home to prevent the saturation of the soil.

Washout Prevention Products

Splash Block for Gutter System

Splash Block

Splash blocks are devices manufactured from concrete or plastic that safely channels the water coming out of your downspout away from your foundation. Splash blocks are available in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and colors. When it comes to choosing the best splash block for your home, let Coastal Gutters help!

Downspout House Extension

Downspout Hose Extensions

Downspout hose extensions are another way to divert water away from the foundation of your home or into gardens. Hose Extensions are usually made from durable vinyl with a corrugated design that offers versatility. This option can be buried, bent, or connected to additional hoses or sections to control drainage.

Catch Basin Downspout Extension

Catch Basin Downspout Extension

Want to mimic the benefits of a French drain without all the work? No digging is required with a catch basin downspout extension. The low profile design can be hidden by covering with mulch, straw, or other landscape cover.

French drain for gutter system

French Drain

French drains are primarily used to prevent ground and surface water from penetrating or damaging the foundation of your home. They channel the water underground into a drain that empties in the street or in another location that will not be affected by water.

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